Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ray Succre - One Five A.M. More

Happy Brithday America! Being a social studies teacher in my spare time, I really love all the history that goes down on the 4th. Even though I know a lot of things are historically inaccurate, it's nice to think about how far we've come as a country. So, to honor this wonderful event, here is a beautiful poem from Ray Succre is a beautiful. Why is it that really good and descriptive poems make me want to smack my lips together in joy?

One Five A.M. More

Above the gray-moor pave and par-decent folk,

across finicky airs, both the natural and the man-made,

and in hardnesses beneath crisp motions,

near dead pansies from a truck-bed drop,

persistent blood and ostensible living.

Most eat tension, pissing better, paychecking as by zip-line,

to fidget up routine's hem before elasticity sets on,

and have the days rude hard, a happening of sensual activity,

and ruddy deep.

If the waist opens to expel its foal, this life is by its own banks

accusatory, obsessive, expulsions and inhalations

in the core like a love.

I know this nature has a fuck to it, a sensibility you can taste,

and I, too, breathe on the grey-moor pave,

as the grit crawls up my thighs and the whumps land down,

warmly taking me for senseless

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