Thursday, October 23, 2008


Head Editor and Founder
Sam was born in the woods along the Northern New Jersey coast in an age of great Darkness: the Reagan years. Surviving the wicked times by eating cast offs from a local pizza shop, Mr. Cicero eventually came into the life of Glen and all was well. Lo-Fidelity came born of the fact that he had little to do during the summer. Since then, he has much less free time.

Fiction/Nonfiction Editor
Andrew Kaspereen detests people who think that writing with no punctuation is anything other than laziness. When asked about himself, Andrew will not shut up, but this quote of his sheds some light: "Once I accidentally ate a firefly that flew into my mouth whilst biting on a 'Nutragious' candy bar." He is from Northwest New Jersey, where plenty, joy, and a little bit of arson can always be in fresh supply. When he grows up, he wants to stop laughing at the word poop. He will be your friend forever unless your name is Glen Binger. If, in fact, your name is Glen Binger, see the first sentence of this biography.

Poetry Editor

Kiley "Keeks" Rummler is from Belmar The Best Place In The Entire World, New Jersey. She enjoys writing poetry but has been dabbling in fiction and non-fiction. She loves the beach, winter clothing (such as hats and scarves), macaroni and cheese, sushi, fall foliage, Sistaa and boys who wear bandana's. She hates lunch meat, the Dallas Cowboys and Sarah Palin.

Fiction/Nonfiction Editor
Glen enjoys Kona coffee and Wawa breakfast sandwiches. Preferably sausage biscuit. He hails from Central Jersey's shore line and attends one of the Garden State's finest college academic establishments. He repz Allenwood General Store's porkroll egg and cheese, canon photography equipment, long hair, lobster knife fights, double clicking the mouse and ride snowboards. His dislikes include mushrooms, Andrew Kaspereen, bennys, seagulls, The New York Ranger's entire franchise, small tubes of spermicidal lube and Florida.

Art Editor
Alex is another epic son the ragged New Jersey coastline, most recently sprawled across Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. He takes solace in large bodies of water, tumbled-down tenements, and long stretches of highway. Favorites include grapefruit juice, neon teal, and magnets.


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