Thursday, October 23, 2008

Submission Guidelines


Lo-Fidelity accepts fiction, non-fiction and poetry of up to 4000 words. Photos and Art should be as large as possible. There is no limit on the amount of submissions per person, but remember to only send your best and most daring work. We're very open-minded people who are looking for quality, not quantity. Send work by e-mail. We review and try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Documents must be in .doc or .txt files.
Pictures/art must be in .jpeg or .tiff files.

Be sure to label everything. In the subject line please write your name. And make sure you include titles for all of your submissions. (Its okay to be untitled, but let us know.) Make sure you label clearly, too. Don't want to be giving titles to wrong pieces.


We do not currently pay contributors for their work. However, we do provide the author/artist with an advanced copy of the zine. (Due to limited amounts prints and money we can only currently offer one issue. But we're working on it.) And of course, exposure and our everlasting love/thankfulness.

Talk to us:

If you just want to send a shout out - we'd love to hear from you. Any thoughts at all. Good, bad, love, hate. Let us know what we can do. If you want some stickers don't be afraid to ask! We'll mail you some.


Don't drink soda. It's bad for you.


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