Monday, February 16, 2009

A Quick Update

In said time it is to be known that we have been really busy. For this we apologize. With all of the work we have had lately, the zine has been set aside in our hectic routines. Truly, we do apologize for the lack of notice.

Issue 3 is still alive. There are copies sitting in a giant box in Sam's room. We still have everyone's address who asked for one. If you want one and didn't send in your address, email us. We'd be happy to add you to the list. Also, we had stickers made up. So if you want a few, shoot us an email.

We will get around to mailing them out. Promise.

Right now Glen has been sorting through the emails and sifting the submissions since he seems to have the most time on his hands.

But just let it be known that Lo-Fidelity is not dead. We are still running, just a lot slower due to all of our hectic schedules. Thank you for your continued support and we love you more than you know.

Spread the word about awesome literature. Spread the word about Lo-Fidelity.