Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome to Lo-Fidelity!

So, what was once in print is now online (much like the rest of the civilized world). So for our fans I have a few things I'd like to explain:

1. Thank you so much for submitting and giving us a lot of encouraging words

2. The reason why we haven't been making zines is complicated. Right before we were set to start the third (and greatest) issue I moved. Since I am a power hungry demon, I had all the stuff. Also, I had most of the printing things with me.
When we got to school, I was busier than I thought I'd be, as well as the rest of the crew.

3. So, we will be putting submissions up on here so that we can still showcase all the amazing submissions that we've gotten at this point. There will be a print zine later, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Again, thank you for being so patient with us. It's our first time.

Feel free to check out our MySpace and our Facebook Group as well!

Picture by Lisa Grigouli

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