Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bike ride inspiration, also links!

So after a relatively eventful bike ride to the library to drop off a book I read on Zen through the eyes of a hardcore musician I decided I would post a news post. The book, by the way, is very concise and well explained introduction to Zen Buddhism. It's official title is Sit Down and Shut Up but both of the books by Brad Warner are about Zen Buddhism and hardcore (punk rawk). Check it out.

First of all Glen is going to Minnesota, wish him luck and bug him about not writing anything lately. Also, there are a bunch of new stories up at 50 to 1, a collection of 50 word stories and 1st lines of stories. Broadset has posted an interview of Maryann McFadden (an author of two books). Keep updated on that blog too, I hear that they're going to interview Ben Greenman soon. And if you don't know who Ben Greenman is, click his name and look at his stuff and laugh your ass off. In a good way.

There I think I gave you enough to keep you occupied at work for a minute or two.

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Gingerbread Lady - Michael Lee Johnson

Today we have a poem from Mr. Michael Lee Johnson, a very accomplished poet published all over the world and writer of really excellent poems. Check out this musing on getting old, it's a good read!

Gingerbread Lady

By Michael Lee Johnson

Gingerbread lady,

no sugar or cinnamon spice,

years ago arthritis and senility took their toll.

Crippled mind movies in then out, like an old sexual adventure,

blurred in an imagination of finger tip thoughts−

who in hell remembers the characters?

There was George her lover near the bridge at the Chicago River

she missed his funeral, her friends were there.

She always made feather light of people dwelling on death.

But black and white she remembers well.

The past is the present; the present is forgotten,

who remembers?

Gingerbread lady.

Sometimes lazy time tea with a twist of lime.

Sometimes drunken time screwdriver twist with clarity.

She walks in scandals sometimes she walks in soft night shoes.

Her live-in maid smirks as Gingerbread lady gums her food,

false teeth forgotten in a custom imprinted cup

with water, vinegar, and ginger.

The maid died. Gingerbread lady looks for a new maid.

Years ago arthritis and senility took their toll.

Yesterday, a new maid walked into the nursing home.

Ginger forgot to rise out of bed,

no sugar, or cinnamon toast.