Monday, June 15, 2009

Road Trippin'

Well, I just got back from a road trip to New England (including visiting Jack Kerouac's gravesite and hometown) and am ready to start posting some of the awesome submissions that we've received in the last few months. Don't forget that we still need more artworks if at all possible.

Also, the plans for Lo-Fi 4 are in the works with the Broad Set Collective doing a collaboration and featuring a writer! Be sure to stay posted on what we're doing.

Today we have a poem from Howie Good called Autumn Sonata. I'm really diggin on the flow and images. Very cool stuff Howie!


When the tree, in high dudgeon, suddenly

pushes through the polished wood floor,

and the congregation of small scared birds

disbands in confusion,

when the deaf despise the hearing,

and the night janitor at the Museum of Mad Ideas

wipes with special care

the shatterproof glass under which

Hitler’s voice rages,

time’s up,

and I shed my coat on the ground

and lie down beside her,


as we curl gratefully into each other,

what is real is whatever is

faded, or broken, or falling.