Sunday, July 12, 2009

Matthew Amos - Shelter

Today we have a poem from a first time contributor to any literary magazine, Matthew Amos, about someone who is not at their best.


Chris had asked her if he “should stay over”

She told him it upset her that he asked if he “should”

like he was obligated to

She was trying to lie as still as possible

every movement of her body she could feel herself shifting

between her legs

it made her shudder uncontrollably

she wanted

to vomit out her organs

to heave and heave

until all of her insides came out

She felt tainted,

inside and out,

like a glass of water invaded by a few drops of black dye

the darkness twisting and spreading throughout her

its long fingers stretching to tickle her in a torturous sensuality

She sat up straight

kicked off her covers then curled her head into her knees

and wrapped her arms around her legs

She wanted to do something

anything but lie there in her bed, helpless

Sarah thought about turning on the tv, but didn’t

She grabbed her jeans out of their crumpled heap on the foot of her bed

covering her legs sheltered them for a second