Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Singing Butler - Chris Hubbard

Today we have a nice refreshing piece of prose from Christopher Hubbard, a very dear friend of lo-fi's. Enjoy reading this lovely work titled the Singing Butler and let the descriptions wash over you like the rain that's falling outside (at least in NJ)


A waltz under dark skies, on slick, shiny tan earth. Lovers roam the grounds whilst servant borne umbrellas stave off rain drops from the black, rolling, sheets above. Shadows paint short lines in the ground, proof of a sun, piercing through the afternoon gloom. All stand in black or white but one; a rose in a bland garden of activity, she swirls in bloom around her partner, completely relaxed and free. In contrast to the standard bearers around her, in a silent tango, in the vast, damp wasteland

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