Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So after graduating college (mostly? just Sam and Keeks?) Lo-Fidelity is back. Sam has finally printed out the third issue and it has the distinction as being the most lo-fi of all the issues ever of Lo-Fidelity. You can ask for a copy, but it may take some time.

Luckily though, we have new stuff to post. We have been busy with our other work, but you have kept submitting and you deserve a huge THANKS! So after our hiatus, I would like to offer up for your consideration I offer you a poem from Michael Lee Johnson and a photo called Blisa from Ashley Sheeran. We need a few more visual art submissions, by the way so you painters, photographers, and whatnot send us something at Writers, you are still extremely welcome to send in things as well!

Also, if you don't like us anymore, check out what Pete is doing over at the Broad Set Writing Collective. There may be some crossover type event coming soon. Think of a record split but with writing. Mabye?

Nothing to Do

Michael Lee Johnson


As the world burns,

Nothing else to do, but

Step into liquid cool waves

And swim.

Blisa by Ashley Sheeran



    Awesome poem, Micheal. It is so true.

    Sweet photo Ashley. I like the blue colors that match. They stand out more.

  2. Thanks Glen, we like both of them a lot too